Are Gambling Advertisements Allowed at Events and Festivals?

When watching football events, we can all recall seeing various advertisements on the boards by the field. From footwear, fuel, food, or whichever company paid for the advertisements, you will likely find some advertisement at one point or another.

In some countries where gambling and sports betting are legal, you shouldn’t even be surprised to see a casino being advertised or even various websites, like

Is this kind of advertising legal at sports events or events in general? It depends.

Gambling Advertisements Are Regulated by Gambling Laws

Gambling laws regulate all things gambling, and thusly, advertising of gambling. In countries where gambling is forbidden, it would be more than just a risky move to advertise gambling. That would mean the person directly breaking the law, or several ones, which often translates to fines or jail time, depending on the country and severity of penalties.

Countries which allow gambling can regulate gambling advertisements on their own, but for some countries, like Norway, which has a nation-wide monopoly on gambling, you would also be unable to advertise your own casinos or sportsbooks. On the other hand, countries like the UK as well as most other European countries allow gambling advertisements and you will see casinos and online casinos being advertised on anything from billboards to football matches, some even sponsoring the football teams.

Are Gambling Advertisements Allowed at Events

You will most likely find some sports betting advertisements on sports betting events. Usually, people organizing the event gladly accept any donations which make their event better or simpler to organize. Usually, that means finding a sponsor or two. Sportsbooks and casinos love sports events, as they can advertise their product easily, and almost always hit the target audience. You usually find boards and stands with the casino logos all around the event and sometimes, there are even incentives to join their online gambling programs and sites, with additional bonuses.

Are Gambling Advertisements Allowed on Every Event?

The short answer, no, they are not. Some event organizers want nothing to do with gambling advertising or gambling in general so they will not accept any financial compensation or compensation at all. Cultural festivals and events are a great example of those which frequently ban gambling advertisements from their sites. It all depends on the organizer of the event and the country’s gambling laws and regulations.

Even some sports events often ban gambling advertisements, due to them being unsportsmanlike. There were plenty of fixed matches in the history of sports and gambling for people to have learned their lesson. Banning gambling advertisements also discourages the athletes and coaches from making deals behind the scenes.

Gambling advertisements are everywhere and you are certainly going to see them at various events, provided that some criteria are met. The country the festival is taking pace in must allow gambling and have it legalized and the event organizers must approve of gambling advertisements. Other than that, there is often nothing restricting gambling advertisements from appearing at festivals and events.