Festival sports lovers will love

Did you have enough of conventional sports events and want to spice up your life? Maybe you can start playing the lottery and hoping for a big win (if you do, use this LottoGo voucher code to get the most out of your game). So you like sports, you probably like festivals, why not have a little bit of both?

Cheese rolling festival in Gloucester, England

This dairy bonanza is organized every May on Cooper’s Hill, which is located near Gloucester County, UK. If you think the name is just a pun, you’re wrong – it’s exactly what it says. The organizers roll a round of Double Gloucester cheese down the hill and anybody brave (or dumb enough) starts down the same route to try to catch it.

The cheese must be really valuable when so many people run after it, right? Well not really. It’s just jolly good fun and everybody wants to get a piece of the action. Actually, it became so popular that in 2010, the number of contestants was so high, the race had to be cancelled due to the authorities being concerned about the safety of the contest and the scores of visitors that tag along. This didn’t stop enthusiasts from organizing their own race with about 500 people attending.

Calcio Storico in Florence

What do you get when you mix a football game with a bare-knuckle fight? No, it’s not English amateur football or Vinnie Jones’ Wimbledon, but a football festival reenacting the game of Calcio Fiorentino as it was played in the 16th century. It is organized at the Piazza Santa in honour of St. John the Baptist, the city’s patron saint.

It involves a game of football the way we all want to play it – with punching, choking and head-butting. In 1530, four Florentine teams played each other as an act of defiance against the French occupation. After a 200-year break, the festival was renewed in 1930 and has been attracting spectators and athletes ever since. The very violent game is followed by 16th-century-themed carnivals and parades, music and period-costume parties.

Snowbombing festival

Snow sports and electronic music. If this is a perfect combination for you, then you should go to Mayrhofen in Austria and try out some Snowbombing. This festival is situated in this winter resort since 2005, while it dates back to 2000. It was originally a DJ and EDM festival in the snow, but got coupled with some indie rock and extreme winter sports along the way. If your idea of apres-ski is a surprise theme-party at an igloo village, a farm in the Alps, a forest, or a hot-water pool, all against a backdrop of breathtaking  Alpine ridges, then this is your place.

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