Life-Saving Hacks for Festival-Goers

This short festival survival guide will give you essential life-saving tips for having a great time at the festival! Make sure to check out Leprechaun Goes to Hell at Casino Cruise for more fun and excitement!
1. Pack smart: When packing, take only those things that you will really need. Extra stuff will turn into a burden, since you’re going to be far away from your campsite most of the time anyway. Check the list of restricted items in advance, because festival security is SUPER strict. Check out our What to Bring and not Bring to a Festival article for a detailed packing list of all the essentials you will need at the festival. These include sunscreen/hat/sun glasses (shade is a rarity during large summer festivals and you don’t want skin burns to ruin your fun), wellies (it will get muddy), baby wipes (lots of festival don’t have showers), a small backpack (where you can put your keys, wallet, phone, and sunscreen), a head torch and a portable phone charger.
2. Stay Hydrated: Use any hydration station or water fountain you see, each time you pass it. You will not regret it! Being under the hot sun while dancing all day is a sure way to dehydrate. Add alcohol to the mixture and you have a sure recipe for disaster! Drink water regularly so you don’t end up spending the weekend in the medical tent!
3. Plan Ahead: Once you arrive, you will not want to waste a minute, especially not on planning your day. That is why we suggest visiting the festival website a few days in advance and checking the programme and map. You can get a pretty good idea of how much time you will have to walk to go to each show.
4. Be a Clever Camper: The sooner you get at the camping site, the better spot you will find. If you come later, don’t worry, just be prepared to walk further to your tent. Do not camp at the bottom of the hill, in case of rain, and avoid spots downwind of the toilets. Also, find a landmark by which to remember where you’ve pitched your tent in the middle of the night.
5. Create an Emergency Meeting Spot: it is inevitable that you will lose your friends in a crowd from time to time. Maybe your phone will be dead, you are out of cash or you forgot where your tent is. Make sure you have a meeting place where you will come looking for each other.
6. Bring enough money: standing in ATM queues is a huge waste of time. To protect yourself from possible theft or from losing your wallet, hide some money in your phone case and don’t keep it all in one place. Try not to spend cash on things you don’t really need. Everything is more expensive at the festival!
7. Leave Early or Leave Late: Make sure you plan your getaway – either pack up and get off the site before the masses wake up, or wait for the crowds to thin out. If you go during the rush-hour, you’ll inevitably get stuck trying to get through the exit gates.
8. Have a wonderful time! Enjoy the music, embrace the atmosphere, make new friends, forget about stress and dance, dance, dance!