Livestream Music Festival – Is This the Future of Music Events?

Streaming live events has become extremely popular, and selling virtual tickets proved to be very profitable. So, given how the world works would it be wrong to assume that music festivals will move to digital format? A lot of things went digital and the format does have its appeal or advantages. For example, Smarkets Promo Code is a perk that is available for those who play in digital settings, and users love it. The same goes for these festivals, there are perks that only digital format can provide.

It kind of looks paradoxical to attend big live events from home, but it might not be as absurd as it seems. Here we will examine why live stream music festivals might very well be the future, but we will also go over the obvious reasons why it’s unlikely to happen any time soon.   

More accessible

Virtual tickets are way cheaper, and visitors don’t have to spend additional cash on journeys and accommodation. The guest limit is also increased, so from that perspective even if all tickets are virtual and cheaper if the organizers make the same profit, the costs and the time needed to put together a live stream event are significantly lower. In other, words this is a better option for the organizers.

Environment friendly 

Music festivals need drinks and food vendors and since there is a giant crowd people unavoidably litter. This is not the case when you attend virtually, therefore it’s better for the environment, and festivals strive to be environment friendly. 

It’s safer

Giant crowds are hard to manage and protect. Usually, there are tents that provide medical assistance if someone needs it, and security is always on the lookout if someone tries to sneak in illegal substances. Once again live-streamed events don’t have these issues.

It’s about the vibes

There are a lot of things that virtual attendance lacks, the very soul of the festival is to be there, near the artist, and to enjoy the atmosphere. If it becomes entirely virtual, the hype and the emotional investment will go down, and festivals won’t be as popular. It’s not really a memorable adventure when it’s virtual.  


When festivals are organized from the budget that’s approved by the government they also gain something back. People will have to pay for travel costs, accommodation, vendors also get their cut, and the festival itself is a tourist attraction. Nobody wants to remove it altogether.  

Artist wants to be close to the fans

People who perform also prefer a live reaction and atmosphere, it’s one of the things that inspired them to become music stars. Moving to virtual concerts would be kind of depressing. 

In all likelihood, it’s going to be a combination of the two. Adding a live stream option and virtual attendance is definitely a good thing, but it’s not a reason for festivals to entirely pivot to this direction. It can also help smaller festivals generate more interest by allowing people to attend online, which is another good thing.