Metarama Gaming + Music Festival Canceled

Despite a huge interest from the gaming and music community, the Metarama Gaming + Music Festival that was supposed to take place in October last year was canceled. The announcement lagged behind the realization of the fans, leading to an outrage akin to a punter trying to use online codes like the Bet9ja bonus code, only to be told that they didn’t work for some reason. Fortunately, all of the would-be attendees were refunded their passes, some of which went as high as $840. So, what was the festival supposed to be, where was it set, and why was it canceled?

The Festival

The Metarama Gaming + Music Festival was supposed to be the first of its kind, not only in Las Vegas but the world as well, with over 50 music performers and professional gamers. This means that the plan featured such gaming celebrities as Ninja and Jacksepticeye and music legends like Snoop Dog and Alan Walker. The festival was supposed to have tournaments and events where gamers and musicians compete against each other. Apart from competitive video games, the plan also included tabletop games of various kinds.    

Why the Cancelation?

Fans from all over the world were eager to attend the festival in Las Vegas, with the venue being the Las Vegas Festival Grounds. Unfortunately, it was a combination of poor planning and the competitive market that lead to the festival being called off, as another event was scheduled two weeks later at the same location – Day N Vegas hip hop extravaganza. With the events being so close to each other and the preparation that would entail both of them, it is clear that the city opted for the one that generated more in ticket sales. That left many disgruntled fans waiting on their refunds.

Will It Happen Another Time?

At the time of writing, the official website of the festival is down and it is too early to reach out to any of the organizers and performers in an effort to discover what is going to happen next. Still, we are pretty optimistic that a festival of this nature is likely to happen in the future, seeing as how e-sports are a very lucrative market and combining them with music seems like a genius move.

With the novelty behind the idea, we can only guess that this project was slightly ahead of its time. However, there is no reason we can’t expect a League of Legends match of Pros versus Joes, or awesome Overwatch league action while listening to some of the most recognized names in the music industry of our generation. We will just have to be patient and see.