Most Awesome Gaming Festivals/Conventions

Are you a fan of games and even more so, attending the gatherings? Not only do you get to enjoy the company and conversations of fellow gamers like yourself, but you get to browse through the rows and rows of items for sale to fit your taste. You may even make a brand new friend, and they could share the same passions as you. Maybe even instead of just video games, what about other games, like casino games? You would have lots to talk about in that case, and using Betway Casino Games is a good idea for your chances. You might not only have a new friend, but one to do other things with besides video games.

PAX West

This is one of the most popular gaming conventions in the entire world and for good reason. Sometimes you can find yourself enjoying a brand new game that hasn’t even been released yet to see if you enjoy it or not before buying. Play some games on the table board with other fellow gamers and make some new friends! Learn something new from someone else’s point of view! Explore different worlds and characters with new people. That is one of the great joys of going to these types of conventions. There will also be professional people who work on the big things and you can learn something from them too. You can totally learn something new if you’re into making a career out of it.  Also make sure to buy your tickets in the first few minutes that they come out, or you may miss out! No one wants to miss the greatest and latest gadgets, games, and toys!



Being the biggest gaming convention in the UK, Insomnia sure does get a lot of praise! Due to the consoles becoming more favorable throughout the years, it was agreed that they would upgrade this festival. In the past, people could only play PC games, but not anymore. Now, they are able to do just about everything that they want. From trying out new zones, to even putting on the latest Virtual Reality, this festival has it all! Stop on by and check it out for yourself and see if it actually lives up to its reputation. You shall not be disappointed for there is so much to do here and you can make some of your greatest memories from it.


Being the 2nd largest gaming convention in the world, it surely stands up for its reputation. People from all over the world come here. It’s a worldwide known place for all gamers to unite and discover new games, techniques, and passions. Discussing similar interests and finding your favourite items on display to buy is definitely something you should never pass up if you love gaming. Thousands upon thousands of people come here every single year to celebrate their love for gaming. This is surely the place to be to satisfy your geeky interests and to have a great time.