The Music Charts – Can You Bet on Them?

The betting industry has spread to various fields, and it even includes music charts nowadays. Just like any other type of betting, there are different ways to bet on the music hits. For example, one can bet on the songs that would appear on the radio top lists, or even on the hits that will win certain awards. Other special occasions to bet on the music charts are those around Christmas and those concerning the Eurovision Song Contest. People who are confident enough about the course of events on music charts can bet on them just like they would bet on regular sports with a Unibet bonus code

Betting on a song

If a preferred song seems catchy to you and it couldn’t leave your ear, consider its odds on certain music charts. Its ranking can depend on several issues: airplay, social media and streaming, and album sales.

The first and most important piece of evidence it is already on music charts is that you constantly hear it on the radio. The odds are larger for it to get to the top if it is constantly played several times during the day on radio stations.

Another sign of potential success is that it is constantly shared and streamed on social networks such as Youtube, Spotify, Facebook, and Vevo. The more it is presented to the general public, the more likes it gets, and the more probable it seems to be ranked on music top lists.

The third way to predict the song’s ranking is the number of official album sales and concert sales. If people are prepared to pay for certain musical pieces, they will also be prepared to vote for their favorite song.

Betting on an artist

In this sense, one can predict the awards their favorite musician can get. Grammy Awards offer many categories for musicians, such as the Best Song, Record, the Best Album, and New Artist. Yet, those betting on Grammy Awards should keep in mind that it is often commercial success that holds the selection criteria.

Another opportunity to bet on the artist is the Oscar Academy Awards. Although it is mainly focused on the film industry, there are certain music categories such as Best Original Score and Best Original Song. However, it is tied to the very success of the film, so one should first get familiar with the status of the film. The Super Bowl offers an interesting opportunity to bet on the time the chosen artist needs to complete the American national anthem ‘Star-spangled banner’.  In that sense, Youtube can provide the listeners with the option to determine the average time a particular musician needs for that occasion.

Betting on a country

Since the Eurovision Song Contest is considered to be Music Olympics, the intensity it brings can spice up the music charts. The history of winning the ESC, the political status of the country, its presence in foreign media – all of that can position a certain countries’ artist and song before the very contest starts.   Yet, the song and the artist one country can send to Eurovision also depends on the budget they intended for the contest. In addition, for the past few years, it has been the attraction of the performance that would decide on the winner.