Top go-to travel apps for when you go to festivals abroad

Going to festivals abroad is an exciting experience, but it can be at the same time very stressful. Fortunately, we live in a world where technology makes our lives a thousand times easier. Some smart people designed apps to save you from all the hassle of traveling. Let’s see what we have at hand to make a festival trip more enjoyable.

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This is a public transit app that shows you the fastest routes to your destination. It can be expensive to rent a car or drive around in a taxi all day long. Walking is not always an option especially in big cities, so you have to use public transportation.

Citymapper tells you exactly what route to take to get where you want. No more asking people around and no more outdated information from classic apps like Google Maps, which may be good for a lot of stuff but when it comes to public transit it’s not the best thing available.

The app can be downloaded on iOS and Android for free. It’s comprehensive and supports a lot of major cities: New York, London, Hong Kong etc. Cityplanner offers detailed journey planner information. You could also try Moovit, it’s a similar app with an easy to use design.


This app is quite interesting. You can see it as your own personal travel agent. Tripit basically brings together travel information from all your confirmation emails for flights, accommodation, event bookings etc., and creates a single itinerary for you to browse and tweak in a second. All you have to do is forward those emails to the app and let it work its magic. This is useful especially when you travel in groups.


This app is perfect for splitting travel bills when you travel with your friends. It can be difficult to keep track of everything from hotels to festival fares and transportation. You log in your expenses as you go, mentioning who paid what and at the end you will see who owes what to whom. It has an option to convert and mix currencies because it’s very easy to make mistakes when you work with foreign currency. Splittr isn’t free but it costs only £1.49.

Wolfram Sun Exposure

This app is quite unusual. It’s only available for iOS and costs £0.79. When you go to sunny places like let’s say, Tenerife, you will most likely get sunburns. The risk for sunburns is not the same anywhere on earth, so you might miscalculate the amount of time you can spend safely in the sun based on your previous experiences at home. The app will tell you what sun protection factor to use and provides an estimated safe sun bathing period based on UV forecasts, location, time of day and skin type.