What to Bring and not Bring to a Festival

Follow these simple packing guidelines for the most comfortable festival experience!
Tent (always choose a larger one than the number of people camping, this gives you extra space for bags)
Sleeping Bag
Wellingtons or sturdy boots
Baby Wipes
Water / reusable water container
Toilet Paper (better safe than sorry!)
Rainwear / umbrella
Sun Cream, sunglasses, hat
Warm clothes
Roll mat
Human repair kit (plasters, headache tablets etc.)
Food (usually, there’s plenty of food stalls on site but it’s always handy to have some with you): don’t bring more than for personal use, because it can be confiscated.
Money (cashpoints on site can be expensive and the queues can ruin your day, so plan ahead)
Your ticket, of course!
Bring ID if you look under 21 in order to be admitted and if you want to buy alcohol.
Medication – if you need to bring medication, bring a doctor’s prescription for it as well to avoid any suspicion. Organizers are very cautious about preventing illegal drugs from being brought into the festival.
Bags for dirty clothes and rubbish.
As a general advice, you shouldn’t bring to much stuff that you can’t take home again. Also, before packing your bags, inform yourself about the possible restrictions on the official website of the festival you are attending.
Some festivals don’t allow entrance to the children under 5 and a lot of them require a child under 15 to be accompanied by an adult.
Also, check if animals are allowed before you bring your favourite pet.
Here is a list of commonly restricted items:
Aerosols over 250ml
Air horns and megaphones
Sound systems and professional recording equipment for filming
Some festivals don’t allow cooking food and BBQ.
Alcohol is restricted at most events, especially the large ones. It’s best not to bring alcohol or glass containers/bottles of any sort.
Any kind of weapons or tools that can harm other visitors are strictly forbidden (penknives, fireworks / pyrotechnics, flares / distress flares / smoke flares, blow torches, sky lanterns, etc.)
Illegal substances (drugs)
Nitrous oxide (laughing gas)
Check before bringing large structures that take up a lot of space like gazebos, chairs, stools, floor seating, etc.
You can take snacks and soft drinks into the festival for your own consumption only.
For security reasons, large bags are not allowed at most festivals. If you are attending a daily event, it’s best not to bring a bag with you at all, because they are searched at the entrance and you’ll want to avoid lengthy queues