Why Do People Enjoy Going to Festivals?

People love visiting festivals of all kinds, from music festivals, to dance the night away and wait for sunrise, to various book conventions, or their favorite movie/TV show/video game convention and spend a lot of time there. There are also streamer conventions, for example, the famous TwitchCon, organized by the streaming service, twitch.tv.

But why do people enjoy going on these festivals? Is there something that drives them, something specific? Yes and no, there are multiple answers.

Socializing – A Very Important Part of Our Lives

People must socialize, for we are social beings. We learn almost everything, at least in our early days, from being exposed to other people, the ones around us. Growing up, socialization can define us, remember those teachers who ruined some subjects for you in high school? Yes, many people are never able to shake those feelings off.

Festivals bring people together and not just any people but people who are interested in the things that you are interested in. this means that you will be able to talk and discuss the things that you enjoy with the people who are somewhat similar to you. That is one of the main reasons which drives people to go to festivals.

Passion – Seeking Out What You Love in Abundance

Seeking out the things you love is normal. For people going to festivals, they will be immersed in the things they care about, from literature, video games, boats, to music festivals. Seeing and hearing your favorite bands and band members and talking with people who know as much as you do about your favorite movie’s or game’s universe.

The Group Psychology – Everything Feels Better in the Right Company

Having the right people around you is essential to your health, mental and otherwise. This is one of the primary reasons as to why people attend festivals. They join those that are similar to them to engage in activities and bounce back ideas. Chances are that you are going to meet some new friends on the festivals you attend, as they will most likely be there for similar reasons as you are. Having more friends doesn’t hurt, especially if you share the same passions.

Trips and Sights – Travel Itself is a Reason

Going to a festival usually means going on a trip, even more so if the festival you plan on attending is in another country. These types of trips are fun, as any trip almost is, provided that you plan ahead for any surprises, many of which tend to happen when you fail to plan for them.

As many have said, most of the thrill is in the trip itself, and not the destination, unless you are going to festivals, of course.